Looking at Things From a Different Perspective

I've always loved coloring and recently I decided it could be a good therapy for me both mentally and physically because I had a weakness in my left arm. This was one of the coloring books I recently purchased. I loved it for several reasons. You could say it took me out of my comfort zone. In my elementary school, art has never really been taught and so I had very little background on the history of art. I discovered that I was fascinated by a Picasso who has recently worked. So I decided to buy this. Allowing myself to "color" a person's face in blue, and other colors out of the ordinary were more therapeutic than I had expected. Each painting has a photo of the original and so I decided to look and color with different colors ... because I was creating my "masterpieces". I just had the contours to guide me. It was a liberating and pleasant experience. I bought other "grown up" coloring books and I committed myself to coloring at least one picture a day. With this book I learned something about the artist with whom I was very foreign and I explored new sides of myself. I experimented with colored pencils, pastels and felt-tip pens and recently I tried to combine pencil and felt-tip pen. It was a fulfilling and "therapeutic" experience. I took advantage of the promotional offer of Dover's 4 for the price of 3. It's worth paying.