Well-represented real-life issues.

Eleanor and Park is one of my 13-year-old daughter's books and I read for our two-person club. We disagree on how many stars to give this book and we have reached the compromise of four and this shows how adults and young adults perceive books. Since Marie is not here to write a review, you will only get my point of view.

The book was catchy and written in a fluid style that made a quick reading for me. I see how girls are lost in the love story of two unlikely people who fall in love. Even for my daughter, who is gifted, young Eleanor's bullying has hit home, even though Marie has not been bullied like Eleanor.

I must say that Eleanor is not my favorite person and I have often found her too angry. If I had been Park, I would have told you to go straight to the street in the relationship. He was the only person he should not have been angry with. Coming from a house of abuse, raised by two alcoholics, I could refer in parts to her, but I've never been as difficult and angry as she was. It makes me think that the author does not have much experience with bad childhood.

Most children who come from bad homes are happy and do not want anyone to know what's happening at home.

I wish the author would go deeper on the issue of weight issues in young girls and how our society is forcing this super-model image on them. It's a really bad problem for teenagers growing up in today's world.

Anyway, I'm giving the story four stars, because from an adolescent's point of view this was a story that many young people can refer to.