5.0 out of 5 starsThis is the version to get - don't be mislead by the comments (BUT see update)

This version is annotated by Richard Beeman, a genuine, non-ideological constitutional scholar. It is NOT the right wing/Skousen/LDS version described in many of the critical comments. For some reason, Amazon has applied the same set of comments to multiple versions of the Constitution, which makes it virtually impossible to determine which ones are worth buying - and reading.

This version is well worth buying and reading, and reading again. In addition to the text of the original documents, it offers excellent historical context including a discussion of how the various articles and amendments have been interpreted by courts (not ideologues) through the years. It's a very valuable resource.

UPDATE: In a comment to this review, RedRocks explains that if you try to order the paperback version of this Penguin guide, you'll actually get the Skousen/LDS version instead. (My brother confirmed this.) Kindle orders get the correct Penguin version. Amazon needs to correct this - RedRocks has complained about it before but Amazon has done nothing.