Dotted Bullet Journal/Notebook - Lemome A5 Hardcover Dot Grid Notebook with Pen Loop - Premium Thick Paper - Page Dividers Gifts

Incredible quality and CHEAPER THAN A MOLESKINE!

If you're a moleskine user now is the time to switch to this Lemome notebook. I have used moleskines for years, buying into the brand but always frustrated by the average quality of their product. This Lemome notebook outshines the moleskine notebooks in every way:

Binding - stitched and glued. Once you break in the binding this notebook has no trouble laying flat. Start at the middle, press to lay flat then grab a few pages either to the right or left, press to lay flat, then repeat going right, left, right, left until you've pressed all pages flat. I used to run a Bible bookstore and this is how I was trained to break in a Bible binding.

Cover - Suede over paper board. This is a nice touch, feels nice in the hand and adds a sense of quality to the notebook.

Spine - The second color on the flexible suede spine is one of my favorite aspects and really sets this notebook apart. The elastic pen loop is a great add-on and makes storing my .7mm needle tip ballpoint pen a cinch - super convenient.

Paper - Heavy-duty, high quality. Does not bleed through nor leave impressions.

Extras - Ribbon marker and elastic band are great for keeping your place and keeping the notebook closed for carry.

A++++ Highly recommend this notebook. It's a steal at twice the price of a moleskin and yet it's cheaper! Don't hesitate.
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