Good Entry Level Microphone

Bought for several years now, the blue Yeti turned out to be an excellent entry level microphone for amateur and non-amateur use. 

The microphone comes with a sturdy and rubberized pedestal below to avoid any vibrations and noises (as far as it is) coming from the support surface, also you can adjust the inclination through the two cranks on the sides.

The blue yeti is enhanced by a button to turn off the microphone at any time and from 3 valves: the first to adjust the volume of audio output, since the microphone offers the possibility to connect headphones and use it as a playback device; the second is used to adjust the gain (gain) of the microphone; the third and last, instead offers the possibility to use the vaie directional modes of audio capture (Stereo, Cardioid, Omnidirectional, Bidirectional) 

The product is offered with an excellent packaging where inside it is included the power cable / USB connection and the various instruction booklets. 

The sound is good, but perhaps at the same price you can buy microphones of better quality and perhaps even cheaper.