Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad

I was really hesitant to spend $ 70 on a mat. Now, after buying my only complaint, I wish I had done it before. This is the most comfortable mattress I've had. I had a lot. I live in Oregon and spend more time in the mountains than I can get away with. Camping, backpacking, I used this in my hammock, on the ground, and with my cradle. I really love him. A lot.

UPDATE: I was using this pad for about a year. I camp in all climates and conditions, I have a poor back, probably partly because of my intense outdoor activities, I usually sleep in my eagle's nest now when backpacking or camping but I also a tent and a cradle when they are in an unquestionable area for a hammock. Now a hammock is the best night of sleep you can get in my opinion, I never woke up with a backache in my hammock with or without my pad Klymit Static V. The beautiful thing of the v static is also when I'm sleeping on my crib and even on the ground my back can be a bit stiff but it does not hurt like once when I wake up. Seriously I had to interrupt a short trip and get off the mountain because of back pain. Not so with this pad, even if I'm cutting wood and transporting logs I could go to bed with a backache but I wake up in better conditions than when I'm retired and with some stretches I'm ready to spend a nice day in the forest. I will never buy another pad, unless Klymit can improve Static V. HIGHLY RECRUITED.

2 UPDATE: Still strong. Still the most comfortable pad I had the pleasure of owning. If I'm not sleeping in a bed, I'm sleeping on this Klymit. Backpackers and cars camped well over a dozen trips from the purchase and I have no complaints. Good. It seems that the price has decreased a bit since I bought it, it was worth $ 60 or $ 70 I paid and it is an absolute STATE at $ 50. Please do yourself and your body a favor and buy this pad for your next trip. Happy backpack, and please remember to keep it GREEN.