Le Chateau Wine Decanter - 100% Hand Blown Lead-free Crystal Glass, Red Wine Carafe, Wine Gift, Wine Accessories

Before buying this decanter, I did some research. There seem to be issues with some decanters of this shape, such as washing, drying, pouring, however, the Chateau Wine Decanter does not share any of those issues.

What I liked about the decanter

- it ls large, solid, lovely - does not need to be babied
- it washed easily, just with soap and water
- it dried beautifully within minutes (other decanters experience difficulty)
- the mouth, although slanted, holds the wine funnel at a correct angle (I had wondered about that)
- the size of the mouth is a perfect fit for the the size of the wine funnel - one does not need to hold the funnel while pouring
- when serving, it poured out every last bit of liquid (other decanters experience difficulty)
- it has a round hollow foot at the bottom (visible in picture), which will hold sediments beautifully
- the width of the neck just above the bowl, is a bit larger than some other decanters, which allows more air for breathing, and also, helps in drying after washing.

Suggestion: after washing, I placed a microfiber cloth into a 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup, inverted the decanter and leaned it at an angle against a corner (make sure the measuring cup will not slide forward). After a few minutes, I gave the decanter a 180 turn (rotation in place), and allowed it to drip from the other half, as it were. In other words, first it rested on the shorter side of the mouth, and later on the taller side, on the spout, thus allowing both sides of the bowl to drip dry. After a total of about less than 10 minutes, the decanter was completely dry in the inside. I just had to wipe the mouth.

Already ordered another one as a gift. The only imperfection is a small air bubble inside the glass, but I suppose these things happen. Short of hitting it, I do not believe that it will burst. If it will, I shall contact seller.