Outset Silicone Hexagon Ice Cube Tray, Large Cubes

If you are buying to use to make ice cubes, you may want to think twice, as this is very small and would only provide enough ice for possibly 2 beverages - - - a waste of time for that purpose.

However, for my purposes, it is perfect. Each cube is almost exactly one teaspoon in volume. I freeze grated ginger, tomato paste, chopped garlic and chopped fresh herbs. After freezing, I pop out of the tray and into ziplock freezer bags to have handy whenever I need for cooking.

I started with one tray for garlic however, after trying everything I can think of to try to get the smell out, I ended up buying 2 more. I have labeled one tray for garlic, one for ginger, and the other one I use interchangeably for tomato paste and spices.

I am a huge fan of using these trays - - - the tsp size is versatile, the cubes pop out easily, and except for holding onto the aroma of what's been frozen in it, it washes and cleans up very easily.