The Rocket Mass Heater Builder's Guide: Complete Step-by-Step Construction, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

The current state of the art, in a single convenient volume. Erica and Ernie are also accessible via the forums for lots of follow-up support and brainstorming. With grit and grace, rocket mass heaters will begin to replace other heaters, where appropriate, which will drastically increase comfort and reduce pollution and fuel use.

People are already designing combo (mass) heaters / kitchens (including grilling and smoking), which should make coal obsolete wherever trees grow and fuel is available.

This book also clearly describes how the stove is not suitable for my current life situation ... so I will have to wait until I move (since I do not plan to undertake a major renovation - I have wooden floors and a basement) . If I had intended to stay here forever, I would have solarized my south with a bench of greenhouse thermal mass and attached rocket. Having a clear understanding of design parameters helps to free design creativity at the systems level!