Thor [Blu-ray]

The first of Thor trilogy introduces us not only to The God of Thunder but the actor who takes this role and makes it his own. Chris Hemsworth is fantastic as the egotistical, arrogant and upstart son of Odin. He is a hero to be praised, leading the armies of Asgard to victory. His accolades are many and he struts as only the hero and victor of a much beloved people can. But his arrogance is his undoing as he argues with Odin, wanting and demanding something be done about the Frost Giants, their eternal enemies, There is an uneasy peace and Thor wants to take them down. He is the God of Thunder but Odin is the King and he show his displeasure at his rebelious son's arrogance by removing his most prized possession, Mjolner, the hammer, stripping him of his powers and vanquishing him to Earth.

There he meets Jane Porter who while impressed by him manages to put him in his place. Meanwhile Loki, his brother is attemptig to mitigate the damage but he too is learning that there is more to him than he has been told. Confronting Odin he realizes the fragilty of his father, as the King Collapses. Lokie now is a position to take the throne, his anger at the circumstances of his birth at the forefront. He is intentent of making sure Thor never returns home. The final battle is one that takes us to the next installment of the Trilogy and also sends Loki on the path to the next Marvel movie, The Avengers. Tom Hiddleston is fantastic as Loki making it just as much his character as Hemsworth made Thor his. The effects are fantastic and Idris Elba is also great in his role as Hemdal. The first in a fantastic line of Marvel movies to come